April 2016

Selling most of our birds.

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In the past 30 years both in Europe and in the United States, our Gouldians have won awards and pleased hundreds of customers nationwide.

Birds are bred in large indoor flights far away from the mites, diseases, and viruses that can be so prevalent in outdoor bred birds. No sparrows, crows, mosquitoes or even contaminated soil can infect the birds we breed and send to you. They definitely enjoy the good life here.

We have sent hundreds of birds all over the United States in the last 15 years, to Hawaii, Alaska and nearly every other state. Our care and consideration to the needs of the birds during the shippng process has helped us to have NEVER lost a bird during transportation.

Our customers are pampered as well. Birds are carefully selected for each order, shipping is individually scheduled, and advice is always available when needed.

To inquire about our Gouldians,
please e-mail or phone:

Galesburg, IL
Phone: 309-342-9665

Photo by Peggy Dalrymple